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About Us haydens - About Us

Hayden’s House started as a small café in Galway serving locally brewed coffee and homemade pastries. It was opened by Eve Hancock back in 2013. Eve was working as an account executive at a local bank.

It was always her dream to open up a little café she can run with her family. So, that is exactly what she did.

Hayden’s Team

Hayden’s House was a family business with Eve managing everything, her husband Brad taking care of their supplies and Eve’s sister and brother-in-law Ciara and Mark on the floor.

Hayden’s House Blog

Back then, she didn’t know that café would someday be one of Ireland’s top travel blogs for millions to read. People from all over would ask Eve and the rest of them about the best activities or experiences in Galway.

The café became an information hub and hangout spot for tourists. So, that is when Eve decided to share everything that she through a blog. So, she created the blog and she with her team integrated every piece of information they could about the best hotels, clubs, restaurants, tourist spots, and so much more.


Galway is a city of culture, a city of tradition, and a city of experience. You can do so much here from seeing amazing nature reserves to having the best night of your life. We are talking about Galway’s vibrant nightlife recognized all over the globe.

You’ll never run out of something to look forward to when you come here. If you don’t have your itinerary finalized, contact us today or subscribe to our blog for more information.