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This one goes out to all product and service providers here in the great city of Galway. We want all businesses, small, medium, and large to contribute to the local economy and to the vision of positioning Galway as a top travel destination for all nations.

Why advertise with us?

Hayden’s House is an established blog and is recognized all over Ireland. We have more than 450,000 readers for the last 6 years and we have an average number of readers of over 35,000 per day.

We’ve worked with several businesses here in Galway, mainly restaurants, clubs, and event centres. We all helped them improve their branding and online engagement. You can check out our success stories right on the homepage.

Our Platforms

Our Platforms - Advertise with Us

We have three advertising platforms: social media, newsletters, and our blog.

Social Media

We have a creative team able to produce authentic and strategic content for different kinds of advertising campaigns. We then integrate everything on our social media accounts and then we leverage Facebook’s paid ad feature.

As an example, we have helped small businesses generate more than 10,000 page likes in over a week. We make sure that the outcome will result in more organic engagement from potential consumers or clients.


Every week, we send out a newsletter with a compilation of our latest blog entries. This newsletter goes out to more than 75,000 recipients and more than 70% engage with our content. That is where they’ll see what you have to offer.


Finally, our blog page. We publish more than 4 blog entries daily. We publish feature articles that showcase some of Galway’s best business providers from the top nightclubs to the top barbershops to get a dope haircut.

We can plug-in everything on our blog as we are a creative collective focused on promoting Galway as a great destination.

Contact Us Today

Contact Us Today - Advertise with Us

If you are interested, you can contact us anytime via email. We can send you a breakdown of our advertising rates or if you want, we can provide you with a personalised quote.