Top Budget Hotels in Galway, Ireland

Booking a hotel is easy in Galway, booking with a budget however is a different story. There are dozens of hotels, inns, lodgings, and motels in Galway. Or if you want, you can sleep at one of the pubs, but that might be a pain in the morning.

Anyway, Galway is not an expensive travel destination. You don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to have a great time. You just need to find the best accommodation and capitalize on that. To help you out here’s the top budget or affordable hotels in the city.

The Connacht Hotel

You’ll find this hotel along Old Dublin Road near the Galway City Centre. If you want cleanliness, convenience, and comfort, this is where you book. You can get a single bedroom with quite the cosy interior design and wide space.

This hotel is suitable if you are travelling alone, with someone or even with children. There’s a kid’s club nearby you can check the kids in with full staff to keep an eye on them while you roam around town.

This hotel is 30 minutes away from the main attractions and some nightclubs but, taxi service is all over so no need to worry.

Top Budget Hotels in Galway Ireland hotel room - Top Budget Hotels in Galway, Ireland

Victoria Hotel

If you want elegance that is still affordable, Victoria Hotel is your victory. You can find this gem of a hotel right in the middle of the city near Eyre Square. You can book a single, double or even triple room.

The hotel is also near bus stops and train stations so if you like roaming around, this is where you go. However, this hotel is a hot commodity and rooms are filled within minutes and sometimes even seconds. If you are planning to go and book here, make sure to plan and take action ahead.

The interior design of the hotel is Victorian-inspired and if you want to kick off a little bit after a day of strolling around, the Vic Bar is just downstairs.

Nox Hotel

This is your typical trendy new hotel. Nox opened back in 2015 and it has been in full gear providing world-class quality accommodation. When we say world-class, we mean world-class.

Nox managed to make a name for itself in the affordable hotel market here in Galway. Nox employees always go the extra mile to make sure you get everything you need. This hotel got a lot of feedback mostly with their Wi-Fi but also for hotel amenities and staff services.

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