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We are looking for talented writers to join our team here in Hayden’s House as soon as possible. Are you up for it? Here’s more information about the job role.

Job description

Hayden’s House is looking for a talented writer with extensive experience and knowledge in feature writing and blogging. We need someone keen on conducting research and surveys. The writer we are looking for must be able to produce original content backed-up by accurate information.

This job is all about introducing Galway on a global scale when it comes to hotel accommodation, cuisine, music, and nightlife. We need someone who can engage with the Galway way of life like we’ve been doing for many years.

Additional Skills

If you want to be part of the team, you need more than just writing and research skills. We are looking for someone with intermediate-level experience in photography, videography, graphic design, and video editing.

You must be able to provide fresh content in many forms. We are open to providing training, resources, and seminars to applicants who show great promise and are willing to learn.

It would also be a bonus if you know basic SEOand the integration of backlinks on blog entries. This is mainly for increasing user engagement online for our blogs as well us on our social media accounts.

Finally, we need someone familiar with social media marketing and management. This is a simple task and can be learned in no more than two weeks.

Apply today

Are you interested? If you are, then submit your resume along with a piece of content you’ll be writing. You will be writing about the niche “Galway’s Beauty.” That is all we have to supply, and it is up to you to come up with an angle or an idea to capitalize from.

The maximum word count is 500. Make sure to keep it as engaging and exciting as you can. For more information, visit our contact page or subscribe to our blog today. We look forward to evaluating your entry and more than looking forward to working alongside you.